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`There is always hope.`

Christine Miller [Constance Brenneman] is the lone survivor of an IED strike overseas.  After a MedTrans flight to Washington D.C., she begins her road to recovery — picking up the pieces of a fractured life, and accepting her new disability.  She Will Be Loved follows Christine through her healing process, as she struggles with a new identity, marriage crisis, and survivor’s guilt in order to conquer the debilitating disorder of wartime PTS.

Chadwick Pelletier


John T. Connor


Holly Pelletier


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Uniformed actors in this film are retired or active military.

Producers of She Will Be Loved would like to dedicate this film the brave men and women of uniform, who serve or have served and sacrifice for our amazing country.  Thank you for your service.  

With that, we will be donating film proceeds to benefit PTSD organizations nationwide.  The Producers are happy to support such efforts with the Shadow Warriors Project and the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation. She Will Be Loved is also available for screening and fundraising Events within the PTS community FREE OF CHARGE.  Event donations will go toward families in need. 

Please contact us for more information.  Thank you.



``Touching one life. That has always been our mission.``

She Will Be Loved has done very well in the festival circuit, winning such awards as Best Short Film, Best of Fest, Best International Film, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, among many others, and Official Selection for an equal amount. But we’ve been rejected by just as many, with no clear understanding as to why.  Such is the life within the circuit.  She Will Be Loved, however, does breech a sensitive subject matter, and it was our choosing to have a Call to Action at the end of the film for those who are fighting the good fight with this debilitating disorder (PTS).  The call to action may be the reason it wasn’t widely accepted.  Regardless, our mission remains the same — TOUCH ONE LIFE — and so we push forward to get the exposure.  The picture recently got picked up by a couple distributors, and we hope it will continue to showcase and reach the right people.  Ideas for distribution?  Please contact us!  Thank you.

What People Are Saying

This film is more than about PTSD. It's about LOVE and how it can survive, despite the greatest odds. This short film captures the human condition in a way that is beautiful and raw. A MUST SEE.

This film's tagline says it all. These three remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of these is love. Chadwick did an amazing job capturing the essence of love in this short film, and deliver a message of hope.

It's a tough job to articulate this intangible disorder, but Chadwick has done it with She Will Be Loved. I found myself crying and wanting more. This little film will surly create a big wave in Hollywood.

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